Suzanne K. Gazda, MD

Suzanne K. Gazda, MD has uniquely combined a dedication to outstanding care with an authentic commitment to patients as people first. From her strong desire to find more ways to achieve wellness as a means of treating illness came Gazda Integrative Neurology which provides patients with individualized solutions specific to their health challenges.

Dr. Gazda offers a lifetime of experiences that can best be summed up as truly extraordinary, from her first days of study at the University of Texas Health Science Center to the founding of the Neurology Institute of San Antonio (NISA). Drawing upon her specialized efforts in Multiple Sclerosis treatment and in clinical research, Dr. Gazda has the most diverse perspective on neurological disorders.

Her extensive experience in IVIg therapies for many neurological conditions as well as certification in the Bredesen™protocol additionally complements both her work and the mission of her practices.

Among her many activities and achievements, Dr. Gazda was appointed in April 2020 by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to serve on the State’s 14-member Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome Advisory Council.

Other professional associations and affiliations include:Director, Integra Clinical Research; Founder of Hope for HumaNS; ILADS; ISEAI; Medical Director, South Texas Multiple Sclerosis Center; Texas and Colorado Neurological Societies; Texas Medical Association; Texas Neurological Association; and the American Academy of Neurology.

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