Ruth Kriz, MSN, APRN

Utilizing her functional medicine background as well as experience in microbiology and teaching pharmacology, Ruth has spent the majority of her professional career as a Nurse Practitioner working with Chronic UTI and Interstitial Cystitis patients. Her practice expanded to patients from almost all the states in the US as well as from 35 countries who came to her seeking answers beyond symptom management.

Through molecular testing, an understanding of the genetics common to these patients, and an understanding of how this contributes to chronic infection and biofilms, she has been able to successfully treat this population. These factors have broad implications for other chronic infections (sinus, prostate, ear infections, wounds, etc) as well as fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions in which biofilms are an important contributor.

She has closed her medical practice, but has reinvented as a consultant to help practitioners learn how to utilize her approach for curing these patients. You may contact her through her website to set up a time to obtain individualized training and help with treatment recommendations.

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