Kristine Gedroic, MD

New Insights into the Microbiome

Kristine Gedroic, MD is the Founder and Medical Director of The Gedroic Medical Institute in Morristown, NJ, where she has returned thousands of chronically ill patients to optimal wellness.

She is author of the multiple-award-winning book, A Nation of Unwell (2019).

Dr. Gedroic graduated from Harvard University with a degree in molecular biology and biochemistry and attended medical school at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. She is a Fellow of the American Board of Family Medicine, as well as the American Board of Integrative Medicine. She serves as volunteer faculty for Rutgers University in the Department of Anesthesiology and the Center for Immunity and Inflammation. She is also a recent graduate of the Harvard General Management Program. She lives in Mendham, NJ with her husband and three sons.

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