Kristine Burke, MD

The Endothelial Glycocalyx – A New Frontier for Health Intervention

Kristine Burke, MD is the Founder and Medical Director of True Health Center for Functional Medicine in Northern California.  She is a triple board-certified physician in Integrative Medicine, Family Medicine, and Sports Medicine and is also an IFM Certified Practitioner.  After 17 years of owning and growing a 5-provider conventional Family Medicine group practice, she transitioned her practice to focus on health creation and optimizing health rather than managing chronic disease decline.  In ten years, True Health Center for Functional Medicine has become the largest private functional medicine group in the Sacramento, CA region.

Passionate about the reversal of chronic illness, Dr. Burke participates in practice-based clinical research on Cardiovascular and Arterial health as well as Diabetes and Dementia reversal.  Dr. Burke concurrently serves as the Chief Medical Officer for Diabetes Reversal Group and her Functional Medicine teaching roles include being an Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda University School of Medicine as well as serving as a business and clinical implementation educator for the Institute for Functional Medicine.   She is a consultant, thought leader, and frequent speaker on reversing chronic disease and providing clinical care from a root-cause, precision medicine perspective.

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