Emily Givler, DSC

Emily Givler, DSC is a Functional Genetic Nutrition Consultant, researcher, and lecturer with a thriving clinical practice at Tree of Life Health in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She is also the co-founder of BeyondProtocols.org, a mentorship platform for practitioners who are committed to learning how to more deeply integrate functional genomics into their existing practices.

She holds advanced degrees and certifications in Nutrition, Herbalism, and Nutrigenomics from the Holt Institute of Medicine, PanAmerican University of Natural Health, and Functional Genomic Analysis where she now serves as an advisor and supplement formulator.

In her practice, Ms. Givler utilizes personalized dietary and nutritional protocols based on genetic predispositions, environmental and epigenetic influences, and functional lab testing to help her clients regain their health.

In addition to her clinical work, Ms. Givler lectures on functional genomics, nutrition, and advanced interpretation of SNP data to practitioners ranging from Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, and Naturopaths to Psychologists, Internists, and Anesthesiologists. She also offers one-on-one practitioner mentoring through Beyond Protocols, helping colleagues navigate the complex web of genetic polymorphisms to develop more efficacious protocols for their chronically ill or complex cases. She sits on the advisory board for the Nutrigenomic Research Institute as well as lending her services as an independent researcher.

Learn more: TOLHealth.com, BeyondProtocols.org