B. Robert Mozayeni, MD

Robert Mozayeni, MD is a physician scientist with a particular interest in Translational Medicine, the science and art of advancing medical science, quickly, safely and efficiently. After graduating from the 6 year BS/MD program of Union College and Albany Medical College (during which he was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Scholar at the NIH and a member of Alpha Omega Alpha), he completed his Internal Medicine Research Residency at Yale New Haven Hospital and completed Rheumatology Fellowships at Yale and NIH. As a Senior Staff Fellow in NHLBI Laboratory of Biophysical Chemistry, he conducted research in the biophysics of antigen recognition.

He is a Fellow of the non-profit Think Lead Innovate Foundation. He is the Medical Director of Galaxy Diagnostics, LLC. He is a co-founder of the Foundation for the Study of Inflammatory Diseases. He is a founding Board member of the Humankind Alliance.

He is the President of ILADS (2019-21). His main objective with ILADS is the same as with his professional career – to advance the science of translational medicine. His career passion is to find the fastest path for advancing medical science in diverse areas of patient need to validate and continuously improve best clinical practices; all to alleviate medical suffering faster while reducing the cost of care.

Recently, Dr. Mozayeni launched T Lab Inc., a research and clinical laboratory engaged in research using advanced microscopy to understand better the pathogenesis of disease in inflammatory conditions associated with persistent infections.

Learn more: TMGMD.com, GalaxyDX.com, TLabDX.com