Roger Billica, MD

Managing Complex Biotoxin Illness

Roger Billica, MD received his undergraduate chemistry degree as a Morehead Scholar and MD from the University of North Carolina, followed by a residency in Family Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona. For the next three years he was the physician at the Grand Canyon National Park clinic and emergency room, after which he joined the Air Force as an F-16 / F-15 squadron flight surgeon and Chief of Aeromedical Services at Luke Air Force Base.

Dr. Billica left the Air Force to join the NASA Space Program in 1989 and was appointed Chief of Medical Operations in 1991. While at NASA he managed the health care aspects of over 60 space shuttle missions, the NASA-Mir program, and the development and initial phases of the International Space Station. He published numerous scientific papers, has been the recipient of a variety of distinguished awards, and holds a patent in the field of telemedicine.

During his time with NASA, Dr. Billica focused on how to help individuals achieve optimal health and was involved with the Biomedical Research Institute studies of biochemical, physiological, and nutritional aspects of healthy aging. In 2019 Dr. Billica was inducted into the National Space Technology Hall of Fame for his pioneering work in developing the health care system for the International Space Station.

Dr. Billica left NASA in 2001 to open an integrative medical clinic in Fort Collins, Tri-Life Health, PC, which specializes in preventive, nutritional, epigenetic, and environmental medicine. His goal is to help individuals recover from illness and achieve healthy aging by correcting and repairing the underlying processes that cause disease rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Dr. Billica is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice, and a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, the Institute of Functional Medicine, and the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society.

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